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This is the podcast dedicated to the global cleanweb community. My name is Woon Tan and I’m the host of this podcast.

Cleanweb is the use of connected Information Technology solutions that address resource and sustainability challenges.

There is a rising wave of cleanweb startups that are making a difference and I believe that the podcast is a way to help promote the brands of cleanweb companies. In each episode we shine the spotlight on the leaders behind the cleanweb movement. Through these conversations, I hope to share with you the learnings and knowledge from the experts working in cleanweb across different parts of the movement and across different places.

I hope this will inspire the next generation of change makers to get involved in the conversation and start taking action. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a great idea, an engineer with a solution to a big problem, a sustainable professional looking to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact or an investor eyeing your next venture in the cleanweb sector, there is something to learn.

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