Episode 5: Jack Townsend & Chris Adams – Cleanweb Examples

Episode 5: Jack Townsend & Chris Adams – Cleanweb Examples

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In this episode we have the first trial of the trilogue with Chris Adams and Jack Townsend. We talk about the cleanweb movement and share with you the numerous examples of successful cleanweb companies developing innovative solutions using the web to address resource and sustainability challenges.

Jack Townsend has over 10 years of experience working in web and innovation and he is currently completing the first phd in cleanweb at the University of Southampton. Jack is a coorganiser of CleanwebUK and is also actively involved in the Open Sustainability community.

Chris Adams has been working in cleanweb since 2009 in companies such as Provenance, AMEE, and Loco2. Chris is also a cofounder of CleanwebUK and is currently based in Berlin leading the growth of the Berlin cleanweb community.

If you are interested to learn more and you are based in London or Berlin be sure to join us at the next meetup event.