Episode 7: Hermione Taylor and Martin Warne – The DoNation

Episode 7: Hermione Taylor and Martin Warne – The DoNation

In london, sustainability by Woon

We chat with Hermione Taylor (Founding Director) and Martin Warne (CTO) from the DoNation. The DoNation is a behaviour change platform that is making sustainable living the norm by helping people make small changes that can add up to make a big difference.

The donate by doing platform is a sponsorship site that helps raise sustainable actions instead of cash. For example, when taking on a marathon challenge, you could invite friends and family to pledge simple actions from a list 40+ DoActions which could be anything from Veg out – make meat a treat to Feed the earth – composting your food waste all while saving the earth. A CO2 savings is then calculated as total impact of your efforts.

The Do Good for Business is a business platform that engages businesses, charities and universities that want to engage in energy savings and making an impact to the environment while engaging employees. The DoNation is currently raising £150,000 for 12% equity on Crowdcube a leading UK crowdfunding platform. Head over to crowdcube.com to invest in a sustainable future.

If  you are interested in engaging your organisation in sustainability actions – Do Good For Business – www.dogoodforbusiness.com

If you are interested in raising sponsorship and make pledges – Donate by Doing – www.thedonation.org.uk

To invest in the DoNation head over to Crowdcube – www.crowdcube.com/investment/the-donation-16310