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Episode 10: Vicky-Marie Gibbons – Bethnal Green Ventures

In accelerators, cleanweb, london, sustainability by Woon

In this episode we speak to Vicky-Marie Gibbons who is a partner and general manager of Bethnal Green Ventures. Bethnal Green Ventures is an accelerator programme for startups who are using technology to solve social and environmental problems. BGV support startups who are focused on one of the 3 streams of social change i.e health and wellbeing, education and employment and sustainability.

Examples of BGV alumni include Open Utility and Fairphone. Open Utility is a UK based cleanweb company which is creating a peer-to-peer online marketplace to connect generators and buyers of renewable energy to buy and sell clean energy in a transparent way while building local communities. Amsterdam based Fairphone is creating an ethical smart phone that is maximising social impact at every stage of the value chain, from sourcing and production to distribution and recycling.

If you have a startup idea and would like to hear more about how Bethnal Green Ventures would be able to support you in your startup journey be sure to get in touch with them.