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Episode 9: Bruno Girin – EnergyDeck

In built environment, cleanweb, energy, london by Woon

Bruno Girin, CTO of EnergyDeck shares the story of how they are building an Internet of Things IoT platform for the built environment that represents a step change in energy and resource management. The EnergyDeck platform enables a highly flexible data import, crowd-sourcing of building performance data and advanced analytics while creating community of users to help share the best practice around energy and resource management.

Bruno shares with his story of how he met Benjamin Kott founder and CEO of EnergyDeck. We talk about the challenges of building a cleanweb company that is allowing change in the built environment. We chat about how EnergyDeck has managed to attract funding as they build their company and the people they are currently hiring to join their team. Bruno share with us the long term vision of EnergyDeck.

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