What is Cleanweb?

Cleanweb is connected IT that address resource and sustainability challenges.

To find out more about the cleanweb sector head over to…

State of the Cleanweb – Software’s Next Meal   slides by  SuperCollider.io

Digital Taxonomy and how digital systems drive sustainable resource use  by Jack Townsend @JackTownsend_

Can Something Called The Cleanweb Help Fight Climate Change   Grist  5th November 2015

#LDNTechWeek: Lets Make London The #Cleanweb Capital Of The World    TechCityNews   by James Johnston of Open Utility 15th June 2015

The Cleanweb Revolution Is Here  Fortune  by Nicholas Moore Eisenberger of Pure Energy Partners  25th September 2015

Cleanweb UK: How British companies are using the web for economic growth and environmental impact   Nesta   by Sonny Masero and Jack Townsend  4th June 2015

From Cleantech to Cleanweb – The Finnish Cleantech Space in Transition  by Maria Ritola of Demos Helsinki 26th March 2015

What is Cleanweb anyway? by Enerkol  5th February 2015

Cleanweb And The City: Connecting the Built Environment and Mobility to Enable Resilience  by Will Van Eaton of Cleantech Group 15th December 2014

The 6 Cleanweb Business Models by Oriol Pascual @OnSustain

Harnessing the Net to Power a Green Revolution Beth Gardiner of   The New York Times  18th June 2013

The Rise Of Cleanweb BreakingEnergy.com  by Energy Solutions Forum 26th June 2013

Cleanweb … What Does It Mean  Power2Switch Blog  18th October 2012

Why Cleanweb Will Beat Cleantech SXSW 2012 by Sunil Paul

Why Cleanweb Will Beat Cleantech  slides by Blake Burris @BlakeBurris of The Cleanweb Initiative

Inventing The Cleanweb by Sunil Paul and Nick Allen 2nd April 2012

The Cleanweb Is The Next Innovation in Green Tech  Gigaom 21st April 2011



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